Hello, my name is Charles Edward (Eddie) Brown. I live in jacksonville, Florida. I am 66 years old and have worked as a Registered nurse for 44 years. I have worked in EMS for 50 years. I started out as an ambulance attendant, became an EMT, EMT-I, AND EMT-PARAMEDIC. During these years I was a volunteer firefighter, went to school to get my registered nurse, worked as a deputy sheriff, 9-1-1 operator, and volunteer rescue squad provider. I went back to school and received an associate degree in Emergency Medical Services.

I currently work as a critical care emergency nurse in a busy suburban emergency department. I have my BSN, CERTIFIED EMERGENCY NURSE, CERTIFIED NURSE MANGER & LEADER, NATIONAL REGISTRY EMT-PARAMEDIC, and a MEMBER OF SIGNA THEATA TAU, the National Honor Society for Nurses.

I am also an ordained minister affiliated with the Universal Life Church. I perform weddings and services formally called funerals that I call celebrations of life. We don’t just bury the person who has joined our God in heaven but celebrate the life of the deceased individual involving his family and friends.

I do not charge for my services but do accecpt donations to cover travel expenses if the wedding or service is out of town.

I am very concerned about the state of our nation so I will also lay out my political beliefs. I am a Conservative Republican that believes in God, country, family, and guns. I do not support gay marriage or the gender confused generations that are born one sex but want to live the opposite. I also do not support abortion as I am pro life.

My goal with this site is to develop a method of discussing issues in healthcare and politics. I hope we can have discussions that are free of the hateful vitriol that occurs on other sites.

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